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Estate Planning

Wills, Living Trust, Estate Tax & Probate Information

Build Up and Preserve Your Wealth


Es​ta​te Planning consists of the accumulation, preservation, ​and di​stribution (upon death) of your assets. If you die witho​ut an estate plan, the probate court distributes your assets. Living Trust can avoid the costly process of having your estate managed under a probate court. 


If it is your desire to avoid PROBATE, reduce taxes and control the management of your assets if you become disabled, this is your opportunity to learn more about this important information.


If you own a home, hav​e children, or any significant asset you might have, making sure you have a well-fitting estate plan for your future. Many people have not protected their family's security and future. Your smartest option may be to establish a Revocable Living Trust. We help families and individuals prepare their estate plans, including Living Trusts, Wills, Special Needs Trusts, Gun Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directives Package.

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Mission Statement

At Bethel Legal Service, your legal documents preparations are our main focus, and we ensure an affordable and efficient outcome for our clients. Your basic needs and concern about your court and legal documents are our duty to provide excellent and professional services to your full satisfaction.

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